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Junior Tennis

Instruction, drills and fun for young players

Intensive Drills and Point Play for Young Players

The Olympic Indoor Vortex Junior Tennis Program is designed to prepare junior players of all levels for their next step, whether that be a middle school team, high school varsity team, junior rankings or even collegiate-level play.

Each class is packed with drills to perfect and polish the skills essential for any driven player. In the Vortex program, kids perfect form and technique, increase shot variety (including topspin, slice and drop shots) and add new game strategies.

Lead Pro Rick Naumoff and team are ready to take your junior player to the next level. Every pro who teaches at this age is USTA Safe Play certified.

Player Levels

Spin (S): Prior drill/private lesson experience. Looking to gain consistency and muscle memory using proper technique.
Torque (T): Typically 3+ years of drill, private lesson, and/or tournament experience. Looking to broaden their arsenal.
Revolution (R): High performance player, heavy focus on fitness and conditioning. Looking to play at collegiate level.


The Vortex Junior Tennis Program begins in September and runs for 36 weeks. A commitment through the end of the season is required when registering, but start dates may vary due to fall school sports or activities. Membership is not required but does provide best pricing options.

Our classes are full for the season, but if your child would like to be a paying sub, please email with the subject header "Vortex sub." Please include your phone number along with your child's name, grade and school and we'll add them to the list!

2023-24 Missed Play Policy:

Please let us know of a planned miss as early as possible. This allows us to provide makeups to other players, and to help schedule a makeup for you.
  • Two free misses per enrolled class are permitted for regular players starting by 1/31/24. Regular players starting 2/1/24 or later are permitted one free miss per enrolled class.
  • A free miss may be used for any reason including illness, school activity, holiday, vacation, etc. but 24 hours’ notice is required.
  • Makeups may be possible, but are not guaranteed. Makeups are not offered when a free miss is used.
  • Tournaments which take place over Friday/Saturday/Sunday are excused absences but 48 hours' notice is required.
  • In case of injury, please contact Club management. Every attempt will be made to replace the injured player, however up to 2 weeks of classes will be charged if the player is unable to be replaced.
  • A 4-week notice is required to drop out for any reason other than injury, including spring sports.

Junior Membership Benefits

  • Receive choice of day priority (based on skill level as determined by pro staff)
  • Save money per play by purchasing a prepaid package
  • Free walk-on court time weekdays 3:30-4:30, for those who play twice every week
  • Opportunity to reserve additional court time at the Junior rate of $31/hour

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